About Precision Robotics

Robotic Muscular Therapy in Naples

This innovative technology succeeds where other therapies have not. Based in SWFL, this therapy offers pain solutions. Relieving muscle tension and ...

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What We Do

Many of our clients have been seeking relief for months or even years before coming to us. They have tried medication, exercise, injections, massage, or ...
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What To Expect?

A complimentary consultation is available to learn more about this unique therapy. During a session we will review your history and take some readings of ...

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  • Parking available
  • Wifi on the premises
  • Debit & Credit cards accepted
  • By appointment only
  • Free consultation


Anna Grace

07 June 2023
3 months ago
Amazing Treatment! Feel like I’ve been looking for this therapy for years. Theresa is treating my back by releasing my hips and chest area-I am definitely imp...
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rodion savelyev

30 May 2023
3 months ago
My name is Rodion Savelyev, I am a 18 year old kid and felt like i've always been a little off balance. So when I heard about the Presssion Robotics Muculat The...
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Send a Message/Book a Complimentary Consult

We understand that it’s hard to know from a website if a therapy would be right for you.
We also know that many people are skeptical about therapies that are new to them.

That’s why we invite you to schedule a no-cost pain relief consultation.

You can find out if Robotic Muscular Therapy might benefit you. 

 And, if we think that our therapy won’t help you, we’ll tell you that too.

You truly have nothing to lose – except your pain.

If you are ready to book an appointment, send us a message to get started on pain resolution!